Dec 29, 2011

The Bitter Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But, The Truth!

So a day or 2 ago. I saw a girl has updated her status on fb saying, "Oh **a famous rappers' name** is so hot!". But da most amazing thing was dat she had 15 or so likes for a status simple as dat. I didn't check da list of people who had liked it Coz it'll just make me scowl on those loosers. Anyway after dat i was thinking, what if i did update my status like dat? Would i get as much as likes she got? Well da answer wasn't dat hard to find after all. It's a huge NO! But before dat lets see at the outcome if i did updated like dat. If i did mention a male artist, Oh Hell as sure i'd be called gay!! If i did mention a female artist, well not much likes anyways. So Wuz da reason? Well simply, I'M NOT A GIRL! Dat's da answer right there. Girls get likes even if they type "........". Oh i've seen it, trust me. So what does it say in da end of da day? Dat No matter how hard u scream bout females being dominated by males, it's not true. At least in fb it's totally da opposite. Heck after all everyone loves buns and pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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