some stupid lyrics i've been working on when i was going through a pretty depressing time
Life'z ambition
Every night i walk down entrance ramp,
They boo me, they clap me to win, 
My deztiny'z to be da one,
Beatin all opponentz in da ring,

I know u boo me
I know u clap me
I know u hate me
And i know there'z zom1 likez me

Bell zignaled da game'z on yo way,
I Juz think how to pazz u away,
Dont let ya mind zlip from da game,
That'z my zecret on road of fame,

I beat him wit all my power
Not lettin him get a chance
Im gonna giv what he need
It'z a beautiful death indeed

Hiz head Iz burnin inzide
Az i azzult him from outzide 
He gonna tap out zo zoon
Then i will be every1z zoom

One, two, three bell'z cryin out,
"here'z yo winner" refree'z callin out,
I raize my hand up in da air,
Hearin applauze all over da place, 

Im ready for da biggezt event of my life,
Where i'll put my life on da line,
Thing i live Iz my life'z ambition,
Fight and win til im da champion!

You've been proud, 
Bout ur Damn lookz,
You've been proud, 
How handzom u look,
You've been happy, 
Dat you've got a place,
But know dat u Juz zuck!

Dont be proud,
Coz u r no onez lov,
Dont be happy,
Coz they dont need u,
Dont be jealouz,
Coz ya not Juz their type,
U r weird, u r Zykö and u Juz a zucka! 

Zo lay low and bow down, 
To da fact dat u zuck,
No one'z there to lov u,
Juz be on ur own, 
Yo change ya mind right now,
And face diz Damn truth,

Undoubtly u r da unluckyezt!

I hear songs every step i keep,
They keep whisperin on my knees,
Walkin down in da old dutch street,
Wit a bottle of good whiskey,
I wanna becom one of those stars,
Bein displayed on walls and marts,
They keep questionin my road to fame,
I say jus dat i played da game,

Only one thing works in my mind now,
Dat u r jealous of me somhow, 
Dont be so, coz im da best,
U never wil be able to rest, 

I know im a massiv pain to u,
But no i've bein a friend of u,
So gimme a chance to prove,
Dat no matter what,ILY
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