Jan 21, 2012

~~~~~~~~> A Few Helpful Facts For American Teens <~~~~~~~~~

1. DO NOT wear skimpy little shorts and skinnys, or bras and panties, or skinnys and panties, or bras and shorts, or...argh! you get my point! anyway, DO NOT wear them at night, if you're all alone in your house! DO NOT! that'll give you over 73% advantage to not to get killed by a serial killer or some "ghost".

2. TELL your dumb parents to get strong and heavy wooden doors for every exit of your house, including the basement, ans garage. instead of those glass doors with easily breakable wooden "stripes". dude, girly, learn from experience!

3. GET steel bars or grills for your windows, and for the fuck's sake, keep the windows closed and locked at night. your house is air-conditionered, man! at least you have a fan i assume.

4. BUILD your main trip switch, circuit breaker inside the house! that'll save you from getting cut off the electricity by some crazy in a trench coat, wielding a bloody knife!

5. Last but deffa not least, if someone's charging at you, with a knife, chainsaw, or anything that looks painful, and if you know for a fact that it's gonna be your last moment in the live world, RUN as fast as you can from the soon-to-be-killer! and please, stop SCREAMING! no one ain't coming to save you.

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